Contracting Companies To Achieve The Pillars Of ISO

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Published: 06th November 2012
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(Abu dhabi) – With a completion 9 years in the field of construction, and with the successful execution of over 17 projects in Abu dhabi, we have finally been applauded with the certifications of ISO 14001, ISO 9001 and OHSAS 18001. We have also catered to several maintenance projects in many pockets of UAE. Construction of Residential complexes and tall building structures defines our area of forte. We are a team of experienced and qualified professional managers, qualified engineers and staff, governed by innovative skills and caliber. We realize and take into consideration the importance of time, cost control and most importantly quality. Every single activity carried out by our organization revolves around these components. Our company aims at allocating resources optimally, good record keeping, proper follow-up and scheduling, defining authority, directions and responsibilities, comprehensive work procedures, proper co-ordination and communication.

Our organizational system is based on a strategic model, which facilitates controlling , monitoring and executing the processes , keeping in focus that these processes comply with the specific requirements of the contract. Contract reviews are conducted as soon as contracts fill up the kitty of our company. Every term and condition is carefully scrutinized, especially of the areas connected to unclear issues, manpower and equipment resources related issues, the entire scope of contract, and any constraints, obstacles and hurdles obstructing the execution of the project. We provide a detailed construction schedule for the ready reference of the clients. This will give them an overview of the processes to be undertaken as per the schedule. Key Personnel are nominated for every project, to take over the responsibilities of minute details of the project. We also provide a short induction training to provide them the ‘feel’ of the project.

We believe in our company’s policy which states that only approved materials are acquired from genuine manufacturers and suppliers. Every material goes through the rigid procedures of checking, to ensure there are no defects in the materials. If found any, the material is sent back for rectification, within immediate effects. Clients are well informed about the order placements, material approvals, progress status, and completion deadline. We also undertake site facilities and mobilization site clearance during the period of the project. Strengthening these efforts, ISO Certifications have motivated our vision of making ‘that mark’ in the future. Specialist activities are implemented to gain the expertise and assistance of reputed sub-contractors. Employees and workers are the backbone of the company, hence we also cater to the welfare of them, by undertaking inspections of every equipments which are to be used by the workers, for their safety and security. Client inspections also take place on a regular basis, to check with the progress of the work. Thus we can say that, we build the base of the structure, with confidence, dedication and honesty.

About ISO Consultant:
Safe Consultant is one of the most experienced consulting firm in the field of Environment management.

Safe consultant has wide presence across Dubai, Abu Dhabi, Sharjah in UAE, Riyadh, Dammam, Jeddah, Al-Hasa in Saudi Arabia, Muscat in Oman, Kuwait, Iraq, Sudan, Doha in Qatar.

ISO 14001 management system helps organization to develop the base line data to document, monitor and control the various types of pollution occurring due to the process.

In this process of implementation lot of thrust is emphasised on resource conservation and resource saving potential. The complete process of ISO 14001 can be implemented on a fast track depending upon the environmental maturity in the organization.

In addition to the various ISO 14001 documents, Safe consultant helps in conducting trainings, Aspect and Impact table, Legal register as per the local legislation and all other implementation required for smooth certification by international certification body.

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