Pear Shaped Engagement Rings - An Ideal Choice With Most Elegant Styles

Published: 30th March 2012
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Pear shaped engagement rings are ideal to give a surprise present to your woman. Engagement and wedding is the most exciting time for every woman. She loves to receive wedding proposal from the man of her choice. Remember that not a single proposal is complete without the romantic moments. It will become more romantic if you present an engagement ring to your special one. If you are looking for some special and stylish ring for your fiancée, pear shaped engagement rings will serve the most elegant style to her personality.

Pear shaped diamond is also known as teardrop or pendeloque. These beautifully designed rings are the combination of traditional as well as marvelous oval shaped precious gemstones.

This unique shaped diamond has 58 facets. With the large number of facets, the pear shaped rings offer ample of glitters and classiness for almost all settings. Whether your ring possesses a simple or elaborate setting, the sparkles bring an exclusive elegant look to your ring.

Material Used For Pear Shaped Engagement Rings

Pear shaped diamond is framed in elegantly in gold or silver. These rings are even available in different styles that also add number of diamonds in the boundary to make it an accent piece. This diamond can also be found in platinum and white gold settings and can be chosen depending on the lifestyle and choices.

The pear shaped engagement rings with these two metals offer much brighter look to them than the traditional silver. Whatever settings are used for pear shaped diamond but every setting typically use two prongs on both sides of the stone and one prong is used at the small tip.

The wide range of diverse bands is available with or elaborately crafted mounts. You can also be customized your ring depending on the number of gemstones you want to add in the band.

While choosing the pear shaped engagement rings you can go through its wide variety with different size or weight of the diamonds used in the ring. The price of the ring also depends on the color of the diamond placed in it. Different color diamonds have different price. The type of material used for band and its weight reflects the cost of this engagement ring. Whatever type of the material you choose, make sure to get the classic design of the ring that add more elegant touch to your look.

Points To Consider Getting The Right Pear Shaped Engagement Rings

As your dear one will wear the diamond ring for her life time, so it is advisable to be cautious and choosy in getting the right pear shaped engagement rings for her. You need to consider several points for purchasing the valuable ring for your girl.

The most important point that cannot be dropped is to check the excellence of the diamond cut. There are two types of cutting issues that need to be considered. One is bow-tie effect while another one is uneven shoulders. In bow-tie effect, around the middle part of the gemstone you can see a dark butterfly shaped area. It is common in about every pear shaped diamonds to have slightly such effects.
It is better not to choose a ring that consists of strong dark areas. The ring will appear dull from different angles. It also does not bring shine effects to the ring. It is not the end; you should also avoid uneven shoulders in the pear shaped gemstones. While choosing the pear shaped engagement ring, make sure all sides of the stone should be balanced. There should be no very high settings.

These two types of defects are quite visible through the naked eye. So, be attentive while you are choosing pear shaped rings.

Looking for exclusive shaped rings? Pear shaped engagement rings is the best
Pear shaped engagement rings are the ideal choice for those who get bored with the round or oval shaped diamond ring pieces. The pear shaped diamond framed in platinum or white gold brings quite lighter visual appeal. Among the various settings, bezel setting is quite common.

The right way to wear these rings is to keep the pointed end of the diamond towards the fingernails. It gives slimming and lengthens appeal to your fingers. It is also wear with the pointed end towards the wrist by several women. Whatever way you wear this ring, it will sure admire and complement your personality.

Make sure to check curves within the diamond and top round for smoothness. The end of the stone should be actually pointed and well-designed. In order to confirm the quality of pear shaped diamond it is better to check it from very close and from various different angles. Because of its high class design and appearance, these pear shaped engagement rings will sure be appreciated by your special one.


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