Princess Cut Engagement Rings - The Most Sought After Jewelry

Published: 02nd April 2012
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Princess Cut Engagement Rings and Its History
The great design and classic style makes princess cut engagement rings one of the finest options for your spouse or would be spouse. They were introduced in 1960′s in England and still now are the hot favorite jewelry for the ladies. It is the favorites of even the makers and cutters for being very rough and tough. These are made from well-formed rough diamond crystals. Very few people might know this fact that the main purpose of introducing such cut in diamonds was to minimize the diamond loss on the polishing wheel as it saves a lot of materials.

Every woman who has used this piece of diamond ring knows very well that she possess the best design in the market. The quality and the fine design that one best in this piece of jewelry is just incomparable making it an everlasting wish for every woman alive! The elegance that these rings offer leaves a spellbound effect on everyone who wears it and also for the spectators!

Amazing Features and Guidelines for princess cut engagement rings
You should be aware of the colors available in princess cut engagement rings also known as the round square brilliant. The fact with these cuts is that the actual color of the diamond remains a secret as in presence of such brilliant cut surface, the true color remains harder to perceive as the light is chopped up. You should rather go for I or H color in the diamond as they look really pretty in the bands. They just perfectly illuminates with enough shine and glimmer, balancing the exact proportion of light without being neither too much flashy nor dull. Princess cut engagement rings flatter your fingers just brilliantly without being blatant to shield the natural aura of your charm. The main thing which you need to take care of while buying the ring is to ensure that the color of the stone simply blends with that of the accent diamond.

One thing which is a negative trait of these rings is the durability issue. In-spite of having a tough texture, due to the presence of the four sharp corners, there are chances for these stones to get chipped out. Even if there is a slight inclusion in any of these four corners, the chances of the diamond getting chipped remain the same. To get rid of this problem, you can directly buy the diamond fitted in your ring unless you think of making necessary changes in the diamond or ring in future. The clarity of Princess cut engagement rings is undoubtedly eye-catching and will drive you crazy for these rings.

The diamond cut quality is something that leaves no stone un-turn to satisfy your fantasies. The high quality polish and symmetry is one of the best features of these diamonds. Unlike the round shaped diamonds, these diamonds are cut to fit the rough shape and not the other way around. There is as such no specific standard of the shapes of the princess cut engagement rings. It can be either very deep and not well-proportioned or well-balanced.

Princess cut engagement rings an Epitome of Love
Diamonds are the sole gemstones that have been widely accepted by ladies and are adored since many centuries for conveying beautifully the message of love and devotion towards your partner. It is no wonder that diamonds have always been the symbol of love and affection for two people in love. Princess cut engagement rings is the best gift that you can give your beloved and tell her that she is the only lady in your life with whom you can spend the rest of your life. It is a promise of staying together till eternity.

The sophisticate and classic design of princess cut engagement rings will never fail to create that lasting impression on your lady love. For those who are going to get engaged, these rings offer a best wedding ring option for them. They can compliment with each other rings in color, designs, shapes etc. In earlier days, diamonds were only meant for the affluent class only, but with such great downfall in the price range, anybody can now dream of having diamonds in their jewelry item. With so many diamond traders and online shops, you can get this epitome of love in surprising rates and designs in a much easier way.

Before purchasing the ring, make sure that you have researched enough for the best jewelry shop and also following the latest trend. Jewelry item should be selected wisely according to the current trend as it enhances your personality equally as your clothes does. What can be a more apt gift than princess cut engagement rings to express your deep feelings for your beloved on this big day and tell her that she means your world!


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